Mac Lipstick Review


I thought I would write a little review on my Mac lipsticks, to help any one who was looking to try out some of these lipsticks, or was wondering what a certain shade looks like or is just a Mac addict and can’t get enough of them (I know I am!). Chances are, if you are reading this, then you are interested in either Mac, or lipsticks. Usually when I buy Mac lipsticks, I tend to reach for the Cremesheens, however I do like some other finishes, I don’t buy them because of the finish, I buy them because of the shade, I am obsessed with Mac, to say the least, I feel like the products are such great quality and although some products are expensive, they aren’t as much as some high end brands, such as Benefit. I personally think that benefit is overpriced and the products themselves are very minimal, but some products are absolutely amazing and I swear by them.


(In order from left to right)
This lipstick is a Cremesheen finish, this makes it such a creamy texture and leaves a lovely silky shine on the lips. It is a rose pink, so quite dark, but a great colour to wear in the evenings, because of how dark it is. This is obviously a personal preference, because I tend to go for a more subtle lip during the day and a darker one in the evening. It is also goes on very smoothly, which is always a bonus.
Velvet Teddy:
This lipstick is a Matte finish, and if you weren’t aware of the Velvet Teddy hype a few months back, then you probably won’t comprehend just how wonderful it is! Out of the 5 shades, this has to be the most autumnal colour. It is a dark beige, that’s probably the best way to describe it. Because it is a Matte, it dries the lips out quite a lot, but if you apply an average lip balm beforehand, it doesn’t show all of the dryness on your lips and it also tones down the harshness of the colour.
This lipstick is a Frost finish, and is definitely my all time favourite Mac lipstick. It is like Fanfare but more rose pink with gold undertones which leaves a lovely shimmer. This is such a great evening colour and goes with every makeup look/outfit that I’ve paired it with. I would highly recommend this lipstick and I feel like it doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. I haven’t yet found a lipstick from any brand that comes close to this wonderful lipstick, which says a lot about the originality of Mac.
This lipstick is a Cremesheen finish, and is a peachy coral colour. When I bought this lipstick it was summer, and I was looking for a coral lipstick, I went in with the intention of buying Vegas Volt, but found it far to harsh and bright, as I continued searching I found this colour and fell in love. I wouldn’t wear it in the winter, I feel like it’s explicitly a spring/summer colour because of how bright it is. So, if you are looking for a creamy finish but a coral shade that isn’t too harsh, give this a whirl, and you probably won’t ever need to buy another coral lipstick again, because of how buildable it is.
This lipstick is a Cremesheen finish, and as the Mac website says, it is a ‘light blue pink’, I couldn’t put it better myself. On my lips it leaves a barbie pink look, so I find it very difficult to match with my clothes, but if you wear anything of a barbie pink colour, then this looks perfect with it. In the photos, it looks a lot lighter than it actually is, so don’t be put off by this. As all cremations, this leaves a silky smooth finish and can be as sheer or as dark as you wish.

Be sure to check out some other Mac lipsticks and have a look at these. I really hope you enjoyed reading this, please let me know what you thought!



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