Magazine Favourites

Recently I have been obsessed with fashion/beauty magazines. I thought I would share with you some of my recommendations, in case you were wondering what magazines are good, or you wanted to add to your collection. I feel like magazines are a great way to switch off, after a really long day, and some of the clothes in there are just amazing! So, without further a-do, here are some of my favourites!



How could I possibly not include Vogue?! Obviously Vogue is more about advertisements than articles, but I love flicking through, page after page of extravagant clothing and makeup! If you have never bought a magazine before, i would suggest you started with this one, simply because Vogue is one of the best magazines out their, and is the foundation of hundreds more!

L1010705 Woman:

This magazine is fairly new, I have the 5th edition, and if you like magazines with more articles, but still a few advertisements, then check out this one!



Tatler is also a very well known magazine, and rightly so! There are a lot more articles in here compared to Vogue, which sometimes I actually really like. Sometimes, you really need a good old product review in your life!


Harper’s Bazaar:

Finally, Harper’s Bazar, is also a very well known magazine and it’s very similar to Vogue, with the amount of advertisements, but there is probably more beauty sections in here than in Vogue!


I hope you liked this blog post, it’s quite different to what I’d normally do, but tell me your thoughts, via Twitter or Bloglovin’ ?


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