Favourite Exfoliators

I’m always looking for new facial scrubs to add to my skin care routine, so if you are like me then this blog post will be right up your street! Exfoliators are essential to keeping your skin fresh and healthy, because the scrub of the dry, dead skin on your face, so you should use them regularly. However, if you exfoliate everyday, then that isn’t good either, because it just gets rid of your skin too. I like to use gentle exfoliators, because I find others too harsh, and you wouldn’t scrub your face with shards of glass, so you shouldn’t use such a hard exfoliator. Here are 3 of my favourite scrubs!


Decleor Aroma Cleanse

This is a really lovely and gentle exfoliator, but in a sense it’s almost too gentle, hence why I used it in my Summer Skin Care Routine on my old blog. It’s not too gentle, because it still works really well and makes my skin feel really soft, but it’s nothing that special. Personally, I just love the smell of it. I would recommend this scrub if your skin is in good condition, and you are sticking to a good daily skincare routine.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I usually use this scrub in the shower, just because I started using this years ago, and that’s the way I’ve always used it. This is definitely the harshest scrub out of the 3, so I only use this when I really need it. It is also the cheapest, but has the most product in it out of them all. It says that it gently exfoliates, but personally I think that this isn’t gentle, it’s very effective though.

Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub

I like to use this during the winter, because it’s not too gentle, but not too harsh. It really makes my skin feel refreshed, clean and smooth. I really love Keihl’s products, because most of the ingredients in the products are natural, and they always do what they say they are supposed to do.

L1010753Do you have any other recommendations to add to my collection? Let me know here



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  1. I use the St Ives scrub!^_^

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