Autumn Mornings


The other day I woke up super early to go on a little walk, and it really shocked me how quickly autumn had arrived. I saw so many spider webs covered in morning dew. As much as I am a summer girl, I can’t help but love autumn too, getting all cosy in big jumpers, fluffy socks and best of all berry lipsticks! To be honest I really am a season sort of person, because I just love every season! The spider webs fascinated me, and I couldn’t help but take a million photos of them, because they were absolutely everywhere.


I can’t wait until the leaves turn brown and crispy and end up on the grass, because who doesn’t love the sound of rustling leaves? Spiders aren’t really known for being beautiful, but these photos definitely show that they can be. To me, spider webs are just mind boggling, I mean, how did they become the shape they are?


I really hope you enjoyed looking through these photos of these beautiful spider webs (never thought I would say that!) Leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite thing about autumn is. Come back on Sunday for another blog post!



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  1. Spider webs are pretty awesome! You took some great photos. I love fall because of the cooler weather and the beauty of the changing scenery.


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