September Favourites

September has definitely been the month where I have tried the most products, and fallen in love, I thought I’d share briefly with you, what products I have loved, and which have eased the transition for summer to autumn! Most of these products I have had for a while, but have really been using this month.


Keihl’s Lip Balm Mango

This lip balm has saved my lips! Recently my lips have been very chapped, so I apply this when they are feeling dry and it instantly absorbs and hydrates my lips. A little goes a long way, this bottle will last me a long time, because you really don’t need a lot to find results. I also have a mint flavoured, but the mango just smells amazing! It is an essential in my bag, and I always apply a bit before bed!

Too Faced Melted Metal

I bought this at the very end of August, and it was my first Too Faced product, and I have fallen head over heals in love with it! This is a pinky nude colour but with beautiful gold undertones. The formula of it is lovely too, it goes on really nicely and lasts for ages. If you don’t own one of these, you are missing out!L1020221

Mac – Bombshell

This is my all time favourite lipstick to date. If I’m not wearing the Too Faced melted, then 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing this! If you’d like a more in depth detailed review of this product, check out my Mac lipstick review here!

Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadow – Sweat Heat

I have been loving wearing this eyeshadow as a day time look, I don’t usually wear anything else with it, because I like it to be subtle. It’s very shimmery champagne colour, and as an evening look you could wear a darker crease colour and that would look just as nice. It is such a versatile eyeshadow and that’s why I cannot get enough of it!


Sleek Eyeshadow Palette i-Divine in Au Naturel

This palette is amazing! The amount of looks I have created out of this palette is unreal, they are natural colours (hence the name) but that doesn’t limit the creativity that stems from these eyeshadows! It only costs ยฃ7.99 which is so cheap considering you get 12 highly pigmented shadows. I’ve been loving wearing ‘Taupe’ in my inner corners and centre of the eyelid, ‘Nubuck’ all over the lid, and ‘Regal’ in the crease!L1020217

Eco Tools – Eye Enhancing Duo Set

These brushes are so soft and make applying eyeshadow easier than you would have thought. They are super cheap considering you really get 4 brushes. It is quite annoying when trying to store them because they are double ended, but it’s worth it because the results they give are flawless. I probably won’t ever need to buy eyeshadow brushes again!

Body Shop Born Lippy – Strawberry

Sometimes I have wanted to hydrate my lips and add a bit of colour, this wonderful product has allowed me to do just that. It’s super cheap and comes in a variety of different flavours, it doesn’t last that long but whilst it does, it looks and feels amazing!L1020213

I hope you enjoyed finding out what I’ve been loving this month. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been loving this month, and come back on Wednesday for another blog post!



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  1. The MAC lipstick is such a pretty shade! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’ve been eyeing up at kiehl’s lip balm for a while, sounds fantastic especially for winter. Was it worth its price do you think? X

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  3. Some fantastic products here! I especially love love love the sleek palette and the gorgeous bombshell!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Also, donโ€™t know if your interested but Ive just launched my giveaway.
    You can check it out here if you like:


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