Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Review

I have 2 of the Bare Minerals Pop of Passion lip stains, and I thought I would write a short review on here, incase anyone was interested in buying them. The two colours themselves are obviously different, but the lipsticks themselves are the same, so this review is more about the lipsticks not the colours.


They go on really creamy, but they set really quickly. I wouldn’t say the finish is matte, but it definitely isn’t glossy or creamy. They are lip stains so the colour pay off is quite intense and vibrant. The colours last on my lips all day, which is obviously something I look for when I’m buying lipsticks.


The two colours I have are, Punch Pop and Pink Passion, Punch Pop is quite a bright red/orange colour which is super vibrant and is a really nice red colour. Pink passion is a neon pink and isn’t very flattering on me, I don’t think. I would recommend these lipsticks, purely because they are so long lasting and they have such a wide range of colours.


I’m sorry that this post is so short, but I only have 2 of these lipsticks. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please like this post and follow my blog, twitter and bloglovin’ all of my links are on the Contact page. Don’t forget to come back on Sunday for another post! Have you got any Bare Minerals lipsticks?


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