Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to breakfast time, I have to admit that I’m really not that healthy, I just grab what ever is in the cupboard and eat it, (it’s usually something that is bad for me!) However, recently I have been taking the time to make a meal that I will get benefits from, and will fuel my day. The two meals I have been loving are, yoghurt and granola and fried egg on toast. Okay, the fried egg isn’t that healthy, but it fills me up until lunch, and provides me with a source of protein.


The granola that I use, is by Rude Health and it is a Coconut & Chia Granola. This is so so good! I really didn’t want a plain granola, so when I saw this I couldn’t resist! The coconut chips add just a subtle kick of flavour and the chia seeds are pretty much tasteless! The coconut provides your body with good fats, and tastes delicious, and the chia seeds are full of good stuff and give a boost of energy. Instead of using plain greek yoghurt, I opted for a Yeo Valley Peach & Apricot yoghurt. THIS IS THE BEST YOGHURT EVER! I honestly can’t put into words how well these two products go together, I absolutely love the yoghurt and it isn’t as overpowering as you would have thought. Although it is quite high in sugars, but fortunately I am quite active during the day, so I tend to burn most of the calories off. Also, you can do so much with this yoghurt, and Yeo Valley make tons of other flavours and styles of yoghurt, if this isn’t up your street.


The other recipe is a fried egg on toast, and again this can be quite fatty depending on whether you use butter and what type of oil you use when cooking the egg. I tend to make this when I have more time in the mornings to make it, and if I know I won’t really eat anything until lunch. It is super filling and really yummy. I like to eat granary bread instead of white bread because it is much more healthy and, in my opinion, a lot nicer.


I really hope you try out one of these recipes and love them just as much as I do. If you do recreate any of them send me a photo on twitter! What do you eat for breakfast? Let me know in the comments!


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