Reasons To Love Autumn


I love autumn, but then again, who doesn’t? Everything is just enhanced, the weather, the lip colours, the trees. Everything is just so much more cosier! Autumn is like the pregnancy of christmas if you like, you have a huge build up and then right at the end, you have Christmas! I am definitely a seasonal girl! Every season to me is perfect, but because I was an autumn baby, something about it makes it just that little bit more, exciting! I thought I would devise a little, well a big, list of reasons why you should love autumn too!





Lets be honest, dew on flowers is one of the most beautiful things, is it not? I just love what autumn does to the flowers, they’re just wonderful! I couldn’t help myself not to put these pictures in, I’m sure there’s many more to come!




Leaves, leaves, leaves! What is an autumn blog post without leaves? I fall in love with the colour of the crunchy leaves, it’s probably the only time of year that I am able to say I love the colour orange and yellow! The sound of crunching leaves under your feet is one of the most nostalgic sounds there its me. Every time I see a pile of leaves in the park or somewhere else, I desperately want to lie in them and through them around. Am I too old for that!



The sky and the scenery in autumn is just stunning. The amount of pictures of the sky under my possession is unreal! I just love the beautiful colours the sky displays, it’s as if it know that autumn is all about yellows and darker colours! I advise you to sit and look at a photo of the sky for 10 – 15 minutes a day, well that’s what I’ve been doing!



Oops, sorry for the awful photo, but I love to paint my nails deep and dark colours when autumn comes back around! This is the colour I currently have on now, and it’s the O.P.I. Nail Polish in Big Apple Red. This is a bright and shiny red, and it’s just a perfect colour for autumn, I also love the Barry M Speedy Nail polish in Sprint Finish if you are looking for a cheaper nail polish, it is just a deep burgundy colour and I love it for this time of year. Currently I’m eyeing up so many more nail polishes!


The Berry Lip

As a self confessed makeup junkie, I can safely say, when you crack open your favourite berry lipstick, you know it’s autumn! I would have to say my favourite berry lipstick is Bobbi Brown’s sheer lip colour in Berry, which I talked about in my Beauty Hall a few weeks back. I am on the hunt for some other berry lipsticks, so let me know in the comments what your favourites are!


Food and drink

How could I not talk about food and drink? I love being able to drink hot chocolate again! It is definitely my comfort food, even though it’s a drink! They’re so easy to make, but just the most perfect thing in the world! I mean; who doesn’t like to drink hot chocolate after, what, 8 months! that’s crazy! I also love having stews and soups. Ahh, I just love the typical autumn/winter foods!



Don’t even get me started on my new found love for baths! I used to HATE the concept of them, but now I have one or two baths a week! They are so relaxing, and after a long day, something to look forward to. I love bath bombs, but use them sparingly, trying to avoid the day I will ever be without one. As an alternative, I like to use the Super Beauty – Raspberry and Cranberry Bath and Shower Gel, it turns my bath a berry/pink colour and creates loads of bubbles! It leaves my skin really soft too, but for 500ml it is pretty cheap! It’s also on offer at boots at the moment, so grab one quick!


Being Cosy

I love to snuggle up in a cosy blanket and jumper, with a mug of hot chocolate, a candle burning and watch a film. That to me, is just heaven. Being cosy is my natural instinct, I always try to be as cosy as possible! I won’t even start on candles because I will bore you to tears! But being cosy is such a wonderful feeling! And as for halloween. Well; I could write a whole blog post about the endless makeup looks you can achieve!


I really hope you enjoyed this post, and you now love autumn as much as I do! Give this blog post a like if I said ‘autumn’ way too many times, and leave a comment telling me what you love about autumn/fall! Until next time (Wednesday!)


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