Favourite Christmas Candles


One of the main things that get me in the christmas spirit is the smell. The nostalgia of spices, wine and fires, just take me back to when I was younger. There is nothing better than than wrapping up in a blanket, watching a christmas movie, sipping on hot chocolate, as the snow falls out side, and a candle burning in the corner! How many people are about to go and make a hot chocolate! Yankee Candle always sell a great range of christmas candles, and I couldn’t help but buy them! I have six of my favourites here, all different sizes, so I can let you know roughly how long they last!

Yankee Candle – Winter Glow Large Jar – £19.99

This is such a fresh scent, like a cold day, in the snow. I don’t know how I’m ever going to burn through this by Christmas! It’s so big! I think this would be a great one for the bathroom, if you know what I mean! It fills the whole room with a frosty scent! Ironically it’s a cold scent but a warm flame! I perhaps wouldn’t burn this if I was trying to relax, but it’s still quite cosy.

Yankee Candle – Cranberry Twist Medium Jar – £16.99

This candle isn’t specifically a Christmas candle, but it does give off a very warm and cosy scent. You’d have thought it would be fresh, and it kind of is, but it’s also warm. It has a hint of ginger, which incorporates Christmas into it. This does really relax me, and fills my warm with such a lovely smell.


Yankee Candle – Christmas Garland Small Jar – £6

This again is a very warm and cosy scent, it smells like christmas trees and spices, but sometimes it can be quite overpowering, so the smaller one isn’t as intense which I like. It claims to burn for 25 – 40 hours, I would definitely say it burns for somewhere in-between that. This does smell very christmassy though, as the name would suggest!


Yankee Candle – Icicles Small Jar – £5.99

This is probably my least favourite scent out of the 6, because it is very strong. It definitely has a strong scent of cinnamon and it is very fresh. It smells like a cold snowy forest, and fills the room with a refreshing scent. Again, I prefer the smaller jar because it’s so overpowering, but it does last a long time.


Yankee Candle – Christmas Eve Samplers – £1.75

This is my favourite candle, because it really does smell like Christmas Eve. It’s spicy, but not in an over powering way; it’s cosy and warm, but not too sickly. I absolutely love it, and although these little ones burn for 15 hours, which is pretty good considering their size, I will definitely be buying a bigger one, to burn on Christmas Eve!


Yankee Candle – Cosy By The Fire Sampler – £1.75

For a while, this was my favourite, because it was really spicy and warm. But that has now put me off, there are, I think, 3 or 4 spices in it, which all combine to make a very strong and bold scent which is good for like 15 minutes, but then on it just gives me a head ache! I do still like it though, for short periods of time!

I hope you enjoyed this post, because I love Christmas, and candles, so combined is my dream!! I hope you are enjoying my Christmas themed blog posts, let me know what things you’d like to read, and whether you actually like it, in the comments! What candles are your favourite for this time of year?


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