Review: Benefit Mascaras

I am lucky enough to own all three benefit mascaras, and the minis for each one. I really like benefit products, but sometimes I don’t think the products justify the hefty price tag, like gimme brow. However, I use at least one of these mascaras every day. I talk about roller lash all the time, but I recently discovered bad gal and I fell in love! Maybe this post will make you fall in love with benefit just like me!


They’re Real

I reach for this mascara when I want stand out, bold and long lashes. I don’t think this is a good mascara for daytime, but for evening looks, it is great. It is my least favourite of the 3, because it can get clumpy very quick, and makes my lashes look like spiders, but I do prefer a natural lash. They lengthen my lashes beyond belief, also they add so much volume to my lashes. As I said, I wear this mascara in the evening or to parties or nights out.


Roller Lash

This is one of my all time favourite mascaras, it holds a curl so well and separates my lashes to give a natural look. You can layer it to achieve a thicker look, but I really love the natural curled effect. I really wish they made a brown version of this, because then it would look even more natural! Apparently it has vitamins in, with lash conditioning benefits, and I didn’t know that, but when I use it, I do notice my lashes feel healthy when I take it off. I highly recommend investing in this. I did – and I’ve never looked back!


Bad Gal Lash

I have a new found love for this mascara, it is so natural and volumising. You may notice a theme of my love towards natural looking lashes, and this really achieves that. The brush is really big, but it doesn’t make my lashes clumpy or anything like that. There’s nothing really else to say, apart from – it’s one of my favourite mascaras ever!


So here is the comparison in the brushes. As you can see, they are all so different, and create such different looks. I love all of them, I use at least one of these a day. But I like layering roller lash and bad gal lash.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to come back on Sunday for another post!



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  1. Love these all as well, but if I did have to choose my favorite is Roller Lash. Love the effect it gives my lashes.

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