Review: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

For some reason, I have been having an obsession with pink eyeshadow. I don’t know where it has come from, but I have been loving it! This palette isn’t exactly pink, but it has soft colours, and a few pink shades. I thought I’d write a review on it, because this palette is £27, and that’s a lot of money to spend on 9 shades. Maybe this post will make you crave this palette, or confirm that you don’t need it!


First of all, I will go through each shade and tell you what sort of colour it is, because I think the website is quite miss leading!

In The Buff: A matte white, but not stark white or a cream, somewhere in-between. Really good to highlight the brow bone, and as an inner corner highlight. This doesn’t have very good pigmentation, unfortunately.

Fuzzy Handcuffs: A very pale nude peach, again matte, but very bad pigmentation. It is matte, and good for all over the lid, for a subtle and soft look.

Voulez-Vous: A beautiful deep plum shimmer, great in the crease, when applied, it does look like it has an under tone of brown, so it goes well with most lid colours. The pigmentation is better than the two above, but still not that good.

Satin Sheets: A golden pink shimmer, beautiful for any area of the eye lid. Good pigmentation. I love this colour so much, it looks gold in some lights, but pale pink in others.

Sugar Walls: A nude-mauve shimmer with silver glitter, with great pigmentation, a little darker gold than ‘Satin Sheets’. It compliments ‘Satin Sheets’ really well. Can be used in the crease or on the lid, depending on how dark your look is.

Garter-Belt: A matte smoky grey, really nice on the upper lash line to make the look slightly smoky. I really like the fact that it’s matte, because otherwise the trio would be all shimmers. Not very good pigmentation.

Birthday Suit: A soft brown-gold, great pigmentation, and looks amazing on any area of the eye. I love this colour, can be worn on its own for a subtle look.

Lap Dance: A stone violet shimmer, with good pigmentation. Very similar to ‘Birthday Suit’ which is quite annoying, but it’s a little darker.

French Tickler: An intense matte black with gold glitter, quite good pigmentation. I am so glad it has gold glitter in, because most palettes have a plain matte black. This is great for evening looks because it is so intense.


The pigmentation is hit and miss on each shadow, but if you prime your eyes and wet your brushes, it does enhance the colours. They blend really really nicely, and because the pigmentation isn’t that great, you can create a really nice subtle look. If you like a soft look that blends seamlessly, then this palette is perfect for you.

I really like the fact that there are 3 rows, and each row has 3 eyeshadows, and they were picked to go with each other. You can create lots of different looks, but there are a few of gold/pinks that are the same. Such as, ‘Sugar Walls’, ‘Birthday Suit’ and ‘Lap Dance’ have only very subtle differences. I love that there are 3 bigger shades, because those 3 shades are the most versatile and wearable colours. There is a range of mattes and shimmers, which is really good for travelling, because you don’t need to take any other palettes if you like creating natural looks.


I hope you found this review helpful, let me know in the comments whether you have any other Too Faced palettes because I’d love to get some more!



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