Hair Do and Hair Don’ts*

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week! I was approached by the very lovely people at Madison Reed to come up with my ‘Hair-Do and Hair-Dont’s’. So here is a list, put together by me, of what you should and shouldn’t do to your hair!

DO use heat protection! Heated hair styling products really damage your hair and leave lots of split ends, and make your hair really dead and dry. However, if you use heat protecting sprays, then your hair won’t get damaged as much.

DON’T tie wet hair in a ponytail! It weakens the strands and they break, so when it’s dry you are left with short stray hairs! 😦

DO get regular haircuts! Even if you don’t have a significant amount off, make sure you get your hair cut, so that the split ends are gone. As, once you get split ends, those strands of hair won’t grow, because they are split!

DON’T wash your hair everyday! You should let your hair’s natural oils replenish the roots, top up with dry shampoo if it starts to get greasy! No one will ever know… 😉

DO use styling products with UV protection! The sun really damages your hair, especially, coloured hair will start to fade 😦

DON’T tie your hair up too tight! Buns, plaits and ponytails that are too tight strain your scalp and can lead to hair loss! So use frizz taming sprays to stop fly aways.

DO plait your hair to create curls instead of curling it! You can create tight or loose curls by plaiting it, which is a lot better for your hair than using heated styling tools.

DON’T blow dry your hair all winter long! Having wet hair will not increase your chances of getting a cold, and constant blow drying will severely damage your hair.

I hope that these tips will change the way you treat your hair! Madison Reed have a ‘Hair Dye Advisor‘ it is a fun quiz you can take to advise you on what hair colour suits you best! So go and check that out! Let me know in the comments whether you actually learnt anything from this, I’d love to know, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’



This post is a collaboration with Madison Reed, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own, and I would never let anything influence my opinions.

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