5 things I’m looking forward to in Spring!

I love all of the seasons. Every single one is different, and I love everything about them. I couldn’t pick my favourite out of the four, but Spring holds a special place in my heart! As the warmer weather here in England has made the daffodils and blossom bloom early, I’ve already got in the mood for Spring! I thought I would create a list about 5 things I’m looking forward to in Spring, I really hope you like it!

  1. New Life

As you are already aware, a lot of new life is born in spring, rabbits, lambs and birds are all coming into this earth, and it’s so beautiful seeing them! I always go and take photos of lambs (as they are the easiest to find!) and ever since my early childhood I have been doing so! I love seeing them jumping and running about, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! So get ready for some photos coming in the near future!

2.  Flowers

It will come as no surprise to you that I am obsessed with beautiful things, and flowers come under that category! I love taking photos of flowers, and in spring there are so many more, bluebells, daffodils, blossom, pansies, and so many more. The colours are so vibrant and I can’t not take photos of them!


3.  Pink Makeup

Spring and Summer time is when pink makeup is the most acceptable, and recently I have been obsessed with pink eyeshadow looks. It is really flattering on my eyes, and I’m looking forward to purchasing more pink/peach eyeshadows. At the moment I have been loving the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay, there is a good range of pinks and browns. Pinks look a lot more natural on my skin tone, and I can’t wait to be creating so many different looks! Also, pink nail polish! I have Essie Fiji on my nails right now and I can’t get enough of it!

4.  Sunshine

Although the weather has been reasonably warm for winter here in the UK, it hasn’t been very sunny at all. The sun really makes me feel so good about myself and everything around me! I can’t wait for the sun to be shining all day long!

5.  Light in the morning

I can’t tell you how fed up I am from waking up to darkness, I love to open my curtains and be hit with light! In my eyes there is nothing better than longer days of light! As soon as the clocks go forward I will be even more excited! Also, it means that I have a longer time span to be taking blog photos! I hate using artificial light when taking photographs, so when there is more light I can take more time when I take photos!

I hope you liked this post and you now can’t wait for spring either! Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to in Spring, I’d love to know! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’, WordPress and Twitter so you never miss a post!


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