Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

I picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms, which was a mini lipstick trio set that was around at christmas. I have to say, it was very expensive and there is very little product, but it is a good introduction to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. All of the lipsticks are in the permanent range of K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks. I am writing a review, because these bad boys are expensive! I’m sure that you want to know an honest review, because these lipsticks might or might not be for you!


So the lipsticks came in this packaging, and it’s nothing special if I’m honest, it’s kind of festive, I quite like it. The lipsticks are very small, they are only 1 gram each and the full sizes are 3 grams, so you really are getting ‘mini’ lipsticks! As this was a Christmas set, the lipsticks have some ribbon attached to the top to make it a charm, which you can hang on your Christmas tree, which I thought was a really nice effect.



I really like the formula of these, as they aren’t matte, but they aren’t super glossy either. The colour is so opaque, just one layer, and your natural lip colour is gone. It is really soft and smooth on the lips, which means they don’t really last through meals, the darker ones longer than the nudes though. It claims to have an ingredient that protects the lips from UV damage, obviously that is hard to test, but it’s a nice touch!


Penelope Pink

This is quite a nude colour, even though it has ‘pink’ in the title, there isn’t much pink, it is a lot more nude. It also has some peachy undertones to it. It’s not a very intense peace nude, as it is quite muted, so best for light skin colours rather than dark. My skin is quite pale, so anyone a bit darker than me would find this quite hard to pull off. This is only my opinion though, medium to dark skin types might pull this off, I just can’t imagine it!


Bitch Perfect

The title reveals nothing about the colour, in my eyes! This is a nude pink, a lot more pink than Penelope Pink. In the bullets they look the same, but on the lips you can really see the difference. This is a perfect spring lipstick, as it is a pop of pink on the lips, almost slightly coral pink. I do quite like this colour, and I will be wearing it a lot this spring!


So Marilyn

I’m not one to wear red lipsticks, I feel like they wash out my, already pale, complexion. This is quite a dark, almost berry, red, and actually a lot nicer than I expected. Also, it’s a lot like Marilyn Monroe’s classic red, which is what it was inspired by. It doesn’t make my teeth look really yellow, and it doesn’t really make me look pale, but it is very intense, so I’d only wear this in the evening. It is a lovely and unique colour, so when you go to buy your next red, try this one out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


I hope you enjoyed this post and it has inspired you to get more creative with your lip colours! I highly recommend Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, so go check them out!

Also, I recently created a Tumblr account, so please go and have a look, and if you’re feeling extra nice, maybe even follow it?! I will be using it to re blog some photos and gifs, for inspiration for photography or life! Don’t forget to follow my Blog lovin’ and Twitter so you never miss a post, as I’ve got some very exciting posts coming soon! Let me know in the comments whether you have ever tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, or this has made you want to! Have a lovely day!


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  1. I love this review. I am keen to try out Charlotte tilbury lipstick and foundation šŸ™‚

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