MAC Haul!

I hope you are all having a lovely day! Today I am doing a haul! I realised that I haven’t ever done a haul, even though I love to watch and read them! I have been collecting a few products over the month from MAC so I thought I’d share them with you! As you probably know, MAC is one of my favourite makeup brands so I’m always in there buying new things! I hope you like this post!


MAC Fix +

I’ve had my eye on this for a while now, and I have no regrets biting the bullet. I thought that it was a bit absurd paying £17 for essentially water, and getting through it quickly. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I have already been using this so much but you wouldn’t be able to tell! Also, it is a miracle product! I sprayed this onto an eyeshadow brush and applied some shimmery eyeshadow, and it made it so so pigmented and metallic. You have to see it to believe it, I didn’t believe it, no matter how many people said it! I’m really content with this purchase!


MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot – Stormy Pink

I expected this colour to be a lot more pink than it is. To be honest, it’s more of a purpley grey, and I don’t hate it, it’s just very hard to wear. When I go for a more dark mauve pink eye this looks great, I am just worried I won’t get much use out of it! 😦


MAC Eyeshadow Refill Pan – Coppering

I have a Mac pro palette, so I’m always buying eyeshadows to go in them. The reason I bought this colour is because, I have blue eyes and apparently red and orange eyeshadows make blue eyes pop. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure I will do soon.


MAC Eyeshadow Refill Pan – Handwritten

I bought this shade because I don’t have a dark matte brown, and this shade is exactly what I wanted! I am so happy with it, and as far as first impressions go, I do recommend this.


MAC Foiled Eyeshadow – Fairy Land

When I saw the MAC fairy collection, I knew I had to get something, and every time I went back to this beautiful eyeshadow! I love gold and champagne coloured eyeshadows so this was definitely something I would’ve liked. I have been wearing it a lot and it is very shimmery and glittery. I love it so far!


MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil – Aim To Please

I was drawn to this because, my favourite Mac lipstick is Brave, and this is a lot like it, just a little darker and matte. I like this because you twist it up instead of sharpening it. But the packaging is really annoying because you have to be so careful when you put the lid on in case you catch the product and scrape it off.


MAC Matte Lipstick – Mehr

I have been crushing on this for months and I am so glad that I finally got it! It’s a lot like Brave but more pink and it’s matte. I am in love with it and it’s coming close to Brave in my favourites! That says a lot!

Well it was short and sweet, but I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what your favourite MAC products are, I always want to try out new products! Don’t forget to follow my social medias so you never miss a post my links are below!

Have a lovely day!


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