Spring Lips

Back in Autumn I put together a small collection of autumn lipsticks. I really enjoyed doing that post, so I thought I’d do one for Spring too! I have lipsticks, lip glosses and a lip balm in this post, and they are all pink shades! Spring lip colours are all about pinks for me, I’m wearing a lot of light pinks at the moment!


MAC – Fanfare (Cremesheen)

This is more of a colour that transitions you from Spring to Summer, as it is more rosy. I really like this colour, but I find it difficult to wear with eyeshadows, I have to go for a very subtle eye and cheek look when I wear this, else it just looks out of place!


MAC – Cremecup (Cremesheen)

A blue toned pink is the best way to describe this colour, it is a little lighter than my lip colour, but it’s not the same colour as my skin. It’s perfect for Spring and this is a classic MAC lipstick, so definitely check it out.


Bobbi Brown Lip Colour – Pale Mauve

I have recently picked up this lipstick, as I felt like it was a perfect colour for spring, and I couldn’t have been more right! It’s just as the name describes, a pale mauve! The price tag is quite expensive, but I love this lipstick so much!


Benefit – Lolli Balm

Lolli Balm is quite a candy pink colour, but it is very sheer on the lips, hence the fact that it’s a balm! It is quite moisturising, which is a massive bonus as the weather gets warmer! You could pair it with Lolli Tint to make a more opaque colour, but I prefer the balm by itself!


Stilla Lip Glaze – Mandarin Lights

This is a lovely shimmery blush pink lip glaze, and I am obsessed with it! I love the texture of the stila lip glazes because they aren’t sticky like regular lip glosses they feel almost tacky – in a good way! I highly recommend you check them out, especially this colour!


Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Azalea

This is another none sticky lip gloss, but these ones feel quite nourishing! I love the rose pink tint this leaves on my lips, and I can’t wait to give this some more use!


Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss – A Lister

Finally, Benefits A Lister is a bubble gum pink, which again is perfect for spring, and the texture of these glosses is very nice, and the colour is quite opaque! As it is quite a light colour, you could wear it over slightly darker lip colours to add shine or tone them down a bit!

That’s it! All of my favourite spring lip colours! I really hope this gave you some inspiration and you’re excited to crack the pale pinks out! I have been missing them! Let me know in the comments what your favourite spring lip products are, I’m always on the hunt for more!


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