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I watch youtube quite a lot, I like to stick a video on in the back ground when I’m doing my makeup or getting ready! I try to avoid the typical beauty gurus as much as possible, and watch different types of channels. Here are some of my favourites!


  1. The Michalaks

You may have heard of the Michalaks, they are a young family who live in London with their son, and weekly vlog. They don’t film the typical vlogs, just talking to a camera, they have amazing filmography skills and use drones and so much more to make their videos more like short films! I love their unique style of filming and they are very relatable and down to earth, so please do check their channel out!


2. Hailey Devine

Again Hailey is a Mum with a daughter and also a wife, she however, doesn’t create blogs as such. Her and her husband travel a lot and film it. They have such creative filmography skills, and I truly appreciate their effort. I look forward to her new posts because they are so so inspiring!


3. Cloudy Apples

Kassie is my favourite youtube of all time! She has such an amazing way of thinking and she is a genuinely nice person, without being fake. Her videos are completely different to anything I have ever watched, and I am obsessed with all of her videos!


4. Broadly

Broadly is more of a TV channel than a youtube channel. They mainly post feminine related content, and the videos range from 10 minutes to 1 hour! It highlights so many things that go on in the world that you’d have no idea about! I love the way they film their videos and how interesting they are to watch. They’re like mini documentaries!


5. Soul Pancake

This channel has such a variety of videos, my favourites include 0-100, the science of love and the science of happiness. They have such inspiring videos that really make you change the way you think.

I really recommend you subscribe to all of these channels because they always put me in a good mood and they don’t produce the same mainstream videos that are constantly on youtube. If you already know about any of these channels, please let me know your thoughts in the comments so we can have a little chat about them!


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