Benefit Lip Balms

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As you will have seen in my Spring Haul, I recently bought Cha Cha Balm which has completed my benefit lip balm collection! I couldn’t help but write about my thoughts on them!


The balms stay moisturising for only a couple of hour (without eating or drinking) but after that time the colour is still quite visible. They definitely aren’t as moisturising as I would expect a lip balm to be, but they are a lot more pigmented than an average lip balm. The colour pay off is quite sheer, but they look really shiny and glossy. Also, they wear away very evenly.


Bene Balm

Out of all of the balms, I use this one the least. Simply because, I’m not too keen on wearing red lips as I don’t think they suit my complexion! If you like red lips then this is definitely for you because it’s sheer enough to pull of in the daytime but combined with bene tint, it’s quite opaque!


Lolli Balm

I love this colour for spring! It is a pink in its truest form, that’s the best way to describe it!   Again, this isn’t that sheer but isn’t completely opaque.


Cha Cha Balm

This balm is a lot sheerer than the previous two, it is a beautiful coral colour and ideal for summer. P1020803

Posie Balm

Posie balm is by far my favourite colour out of the 4! I wear it all the time, on my lips, it looks like a pinky nude colour and that is right down my street!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite shade is and whether you have any of them! If you want to read more about me, I have my social medias below!


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