How to: Deal With Anxiety Pt.2

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I’ve written a part 1 to dealing with anxiety, which you can read here. The rest of my tips I will include in this post!



Some oils are known for their relaxing properties, for me lavender oil really chills me out and just a few whiffs and my head will be settled. Different oils will work differently on everyone, so I suggest you try them out!


You may have already heard of the app ‘Headspace’ it is a series of meditation exercises and I’ve come to find them very helpful. You can personalise them and track your progress.


There are certain distractions that really help me when I get anxious, things like watching reality shows in particular, help a lot. By putting my thoughts into someone else’s life, for some reason helps a lot. You’ll find your own distractions over time, some are more obvious than expected.

Fresh air

By getting enough fresh air each day, you’ll discover that it genuinely clears your head and keeps you focused on the end goal and doesn’t leave your mind wandering. Try walking to the shops or work, you’ll notice a difference!

Pin point the cause

Some things might trigger your anxiety, try and find these and stop them. For example, for a long time, toxic friends were the main reason for most of my anxiety, by getting rid of them, I became a lot happier and a lot less anxious.

I hope that these 2 posts have really helped you to deal with your anxiety, it’s always great to hear your feedback, as all I want to do is help!


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