Summer Spirit

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IMG_2864Who doesn’t love summer? It’s one of my favourite times of year, because I’m always so happy! To get you all into the summer spirit, I thought I’d compose a list of 5 things I’m looking forward to in Summer! Some of these things may only be relatable if you live in the UK, but I’m sure you may do similar things!

  1. BBQs!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ barbecue, am I right? It’s the perfect opportunity to gather all your family/friends and have a lovely evening! I’m sure I’ll be having lots, on some warm, bright evenings!

2. Bright lips and nails

When summer rolls back around I like to crack out the bright coral and pink lipsticks! It’s one of the only times of year when it’s totally acceptable to wear such vibrant colours. I love bright nails that coincide with colourful outfits! I’ve got a whole post which includes all of my favourite spring/summer nail polishes, which you can check out here!

3. Swimming pools

The inner child in me really loves lounging around in pools; especially when the sun is beaming down and you get a sense of relief when you step into the water! When I go on holiday I spend half my time in the pool, or tanning/reading a book! You’ve got to admit that it’s one of the most relaxing parts of a holiday!

4. Tanning

In summer there is no need to fake tan, just do it naturally! I know that tanning isn’t that good for you (as it can give you skin cancer etc.) but here in England it doesn’t get sunny that often so I only really tan for 3 weeks a year! However, I do love the bronzed look and I’m sure you do too!

5. No worries!

As Simba says – no worries! Summer always brings along relaxation and fun. I can’t recall a summer where I’ve been particularly anxious or stressed, I like to take the time to enjoy summer while it lasts. When the sun rises early and sets really late, the days feel so long and I always try and do one exciting thing a day!

I hope you enjoyed my short list, let me know in the comments what’s getting you excited for summer, I’d love to know! Don’t forget to follow my social medias (the links are always below) so you don’t miss any Summer posts – they’ll be lots!


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